Corrigan Luxury Homes In The News...

Straight lines, open floor plans, large walls of glass, an abundance of windows, organic landscaping and outdoor entertainment and living features: these are the modern luxury homebuilder’s calling cards. And while the construction of authentic modern luxury homes flourishes abroad, the initiative’s movement here in the US has been lackluster.

However, for the new homeowner, willing to fly in the face of convention, there are modern luxury homes that will stop you in your tracks and demand thoughtful consideration. One such home, developed by Corrigan Luxury Homes, is shown here in the current issue of Architect/Builder Magazine.

Dover Living Sponsor Spotlight: With a background in luxury furniture design and craftsmanship, running a construction and development company that not only focuses on the broader scope of a project but also the finer details of the finished product is the backbone of what we do at Corrigan Developments.